Electronic Cigarette – Ego ECig Kit

The Ego brand ecigs come in battery “mah” rating s of 650, 900, 1100, 1300 and Maybe higher. The higher the “mah” the longer run time before charging. The 900 mah lasts me a day. After several months run time began to decrease,, as re-chargeable batteries eventually decrease.

These Ego brand ecigs are what they call “Passthrough”. This type “passthrough” allows you to “vape” AND charge the battery at the same time. You can charge the ecig through your computer, wall charger or a car charger (car charger extra), and still use the unit. I prefer these type “Passthrough” ecig batteries myself. The 900 mah batterys will charge in about 2 hours, if not vaping while charging. Fully charged battery will last a day, depending how much you vape. My kit at the time came also with a hard shell carry case. Similar to the photo to the upper right. Not all ecig batteries are “passthrough”, some use other methods to charge the battery. With a lan yard accessory you can hang the ecig around your neck easily.

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