Electric Grinders


Electric Herb Grinder

Gone are the days where you would need to spend half an hour chopping up your herb with a pair of blunt scissors. These days the whole process can be made much quicker and easier with the aid of this amazing electric herb grinder. This awesome smoking accessory is an extremely effective way to chop your herb up finely and it only takes about thirty seconds to do the job.

Furthermore this bad boy is battery operated and requires no power outlet making it totally portable. It’s compact in size too allowing you to take it with you wherever you go… perfect for when you’ve got a party to go to or if you’re planning on toking at a friend’s house.

It’s around 17.cm in length and is about the size of a miniature flashlight. It’s also extremely lightweight and portable. The blades are made from stainless steel and grinders come in blue, black and silver (based on availability).

They’re powered by three AA batteries (which are included). So whether you’re looking to save time or are just plain lazy and don’t want to chop your mix yourself then the electric herb grinder is the perfect solution.