Wooden Pipes


The Monkey Pipe

The Monkey Pipe is a legendary little (and I mean SMALL) piece that is easy to clean, very well made, and super cool looking.

The company that makes my favorite, the original Monkey Pipe, also makes a handful of similar but distinct pipes like the Fisherman’s Friend and Peabody. No matter which you choose you are going to love your new pet Monkey!


Canadian Carving Handmade Smoking Pipe

Using natural high quality materials!!!

For the manufacture of pipes of pear tree is used pears, aged in natural drying for at least 2 years.

The final polishing of products made with refined carnauba wax.

Pipe mouthpieces are made of ebonite by filter 9mm, cooler or forward flow.

Measurements & Other Details:
Length -140 mm / 5.5 in
Bowl height – 47 mm / 1.85 in
Bowl width – 32 mm / 1.2 in
Bowl tobacco camera – 20 mm / 0.8 in
Depth of tobacco camera – 35 mm / 1.4in
Weight – 31 gr / 1.09 oz


Savinelli Lolita Tobacco Pipe

Balsa wood has properties that make it perfect for use in tobacco pipes. This type of woodSavinelli Lolita Smooth is naturally porous, allowing it to absorb the majority of moisture and smoke impurities from one’s tobacco without the use of chemical elements or filters. Not only is the Balsa wood able to do these things, but it does them without altering the aroma or flavor of the tobacco.

Balsa wood is also greatly effective in dispersing heat resulting from the pipe’s flame. No matter how quickly one smokes a pipe composed of Balsa, one will not be affected by tongue biting. The Savinelli Convertible Balsa System is a one-of-a-kind pipe system that incorporates a small triangle-shaped or plus-shaped Balsa wood filter. This filter is inserted into the custom-designed tenon, the part of the stem which is connected to the shank. This filter will last efficiently through two or three smokes.

Though the Savinelli Balsa filter is a remarkable invention, because of its unique design, smokers have the ability to remove it from the pipe and smoke without it. One simply has to replace the filter with an adapter, which will allow one to smoke the pipe just as one would smoke any other, hence the term “convertible.”